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🎉 Getting Started

📈 What is Product Analytics?

Product Analytics helps teams understand how people use digital products. Mixpanel takes the guesswork out of product and design decisions by providing teams with easy access to user engagement data collected as an event stream. Product teams at companies like Uber, Yelp, Expedia, and DocuSign use Mixpanel to analyze user behavior quickly and easily, in real-time, across devices and platforms.

🚩 How do I get started with Mixpanel?

Think about a metric that you want to measure in your product. Is it the number of purchases? Video views? Friend requests? The first step is to send that data to Mixpanel.

Depending on your tech stack, you can get started in as little as 15 minutes. Say you want to analyze "video views." In Mixpanel, this user interaction is registered as an "Event," while a person who's watching videos is a "User," and the video genre they selected is a "Property." These three concepts — Events, Users, and Properties — make up the powerful data model that enables you to answer questions like: How many videos do people watch every week on average, and which genres are popular?

You can start tracking data by installing a **Mixpanel SDK** (choose from client-side, server-side, or a hybrid approach), which typically requires only a small amount of software developer work. The code snippet for a single event will look like this:

**mixpanel.track("Watch video")**

Alternatively, if you're already tracking data with a CDP (customer data platform) or data warehouse, you can connect these sources to Mixpanel. We partner with all the major CDPs, like Segment and RudderStack, and Reverse ETL tools, such as Census and Hightouch.

<aside> 🔗 Head over to our Developer Docs to see the complete list of implementation options and libraries we support.


Is "codeless" implementation available as an option?

Yes! Our partnership with Freshpaint lets you easily set up "codeless" tracking so you can get up and running with Mixpanel with little to no engineering help. With Freshpaint, you can deploy a tracking snippet on your web or mobile app, then send events to Mixpanel, tagging them using a point-and-click editor. It will take you ~30 minutes.

<aside> 🔗 Check out our Developer Docs to learn more.


How can I get help with Mixpanel implementation?

Enterprise customers have access to Mixpanel's Customer Success team. We also partner with a global network of Solutions partners, who are all certified Mixpanel experts, and can set you up with someone helpful and knowledgeable to take you through your Mixpanel implementation, strategy, and execution.

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